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Great Ways to Spend Your Holiday at Home

Sometimes when holiday comes, we want to spend our time at home. Doing some activities with family and have fun with that. 

There are some activities that you can try to do at home when holiday comes. These activities are worth to try and you can gain benefit from it.

Here are some activities that you might want to try when holiday :

1. Cleaning house
Cleaning house may take a lot of effort and time, especially when your house is big enough. You can clean all part of the house, like windows, doors, floor, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom. Clean those all to make your house getting shinny again. Take all  of family members to do this activities. 

2. Reading book
It's time to read your favorite book. Use this free time to get some idea from that book.

3. Watching movie
Yeah, this is a great time to watch favorite movie. You can watch up till 2 to 3 movie when holiday come.

4. Cooking
Help your wife, your mother to do activities in the kitchen. Who may know, may be this experience will improve your skill in cooking. You can make your own favorite food and sure it has a lot of fun.

Those are some great activities to spend your holiday at home. So at home we can make holiday even more colorful and joyful.

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