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Green View in Sawan Village, Bali

Now is the time of rice season in the village to come..

Almost all of the rice fields show green carpet view
that make my heart calm and ease.

I will show you some views that make my mind forget the deadline and stressing work in the city.


It is a nice place to spend my holiday.

This water flow creates sound that is so good for my mind.

Some of green view in the rice field.

I want to sleep on this green carpet view, hahaha.....

When I see the view that full with green color, especially this green rice fields,

I feel

The burden of work ease.

Rice fields are also accompanied by the present of coconut tree that stand right beside


Sometimes banana trees too.

So, if you want to feel the village atmosphere,

You can visit villages in Bali in this rice season, this is because most of village people are farmers and they plant rice.

Or, you can come to my village too.

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