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Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall located in district of Sukawati, in Gianyar regency, Bali. This waterfall has a beautiful view. We can enjoy the view from the top and you can go down the path to reach the waterfall. To reach the waterfall we must follow so many steps. This step can be categorize as steep. So you must be careful in following this path.
            To reach Tegenungan waterfall is not difficult. From Sukawati art market, it just take about 10 minutes to reach the place by motorcycle or car. All the way to Tegenungan waterfall, you will see a beautiful view along the road. Coconut trees make a line along the road. This road is very suitable if you want to do jogging, cycling, walking or just enjoying the view. Both sides of the road consist of  ricefields. If the season for planting rice, this road will be more beautiful. It feel like a vast green carpet on both side. I love to enjoy this view. From the main road, it takes only a few minutes to reach Tegenungan.
            Situation in Tegenungan is very calm, so relaxing. The wind blows so sofly, that make my mind so tranquil. I have a soothing feeling when arrive in this waterfall. First, I like to enjoy the view from the top before go down to the waterfall. I spend a while. And you can go down the step to reach the waterfall.
            River after the waterfall has so many rocks, big and small with different shapes. You can spend your time here to enjoy the waterfall. You can take picture. After you enjoy the waterfall, you can follow the step up. And take a chance again to enjoy the view from the top. This is my favorite path. Buy fried noodles, and sit while listening to water that fall to the river. It is so soothing. That is all I can tell to you. Hope when you visit this waterfall will get a best experience.

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