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Lovely meal from my wife

Today there is something unusual with my wife. She wakes up early in the morning, and go to the market. A day before, she told me that she wanted to make delicious meal for me. I thought that she was joking, because she never do this before
She buys everything that are needed for that delicious meal. She will make my favorite soup, soup that she usually makes when we were in university. This was my old story, we used to cook our own meal to save money. Haha…
I studied with my wife in Yogyakarta, very lovely city. Then after graduated from university, we went back to Bali and work there. Busyness of working make she has no time for cooking. So when today is holiday and there is a lot of free time, she decided to cook for me.
She knows well my taste and my favorite food. She makes it carefully so that the taste is fantastic. I am glad that she will cook for me. I have been waiting for so long to eat her cooking. She is the best chef in my life.
At first, I am afraid she had lost her touch in cooking after so long she had not cooked this soup. When she told me to eat that soup, I wonder how it taste was. And…. I am surprise. It is really good. I love this soup, just like the soup that I usually eat when I was in university. She is back.
I eat this soup enthusiastically, full of passion. It is like drinking in the oasis on the desert. It satisfies my desire… I hope my wife will always cook for me..
Thank you Putri…

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