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Tips Learning Foreign Language by Our Ownself


Learning foreign language is important for us now, this is because today we are easily connected to other people from all arround the world. Or you must master a certain language because you will work in that country.

Yes, so many causes that make us to learn foreign language. Maybe because we learn it at school or because we want to learn it by our own will.

[Master it at home]

To master a certain foreign language from home without taking any course, here I will share how to do that.

1. Buy at least 3 books

You must buy at least three books, why? Because by reading not just from one source, you can get a lot of words. This is because each book served with the style of the writer.

They will use different approach to write the books and they will also use the different words. Here you will learn a lot of word directly just from 3 books.

How if there some words from one book also present in the other books?

This is a great advantage too, because you can remember the meaning of that word again and again. So that word will stick strong in your mind.

2. Read over and over

When you have finished one chapter, don't just move to the next chapter. It would be better if you read it once again. Read the chapter from the very first page and remember all the words.

Repetition is very important for you when learning foreign language. By repeating it over and over you will have a bigger chance to remember the meaning of some words. If forgot with the meaning of a word, just go back to the page where that word is and memorize its meaning.

[Keep doing this]

Keep doing this activities everyday and never give up when you face a hard road. Just go through it and find solution from other sources.

One source that is very effective is by searching it in the internet. Type the words that represent your problem and read all the suggested web.


By combining those two steps above with looking into internet, it will give you a good progress in this process of learning. By reading a lot of sources you will get a lot of different perspectives to learn.

Hope this article will help you learning foreign language.

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