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This Is The Effect of Sleeping at 9pm

Sleeping is very important for us, especially sleeping at night. After doing a lot of activities in a whole day, our body need to regain its stamina and energy. One way to refresh the stamina is by sleeping at night.

Everyone has it own habbit to sleep at night, some sleep early, some sleep a little bit late and some sleep almost at dawn. And now I want to share my experience when sleeping early.


That night was so different, usually I go to bed around 11pm. So many causes and the most common is watching television. This activity make me force my eyes to stare tv a little bit longer. Sometimes my eyes have been so tired but I force them to open till the movie end.

This was so wrong. At the morning I often felt my head so heavy and my body didn't feel too fit. My day kept running like this for so long.

And then at that night, I sleep so early, around 9pm. This is because I want to make my little boy to sleep early and I was brought into sleeping too.


Suddenly my son waked up and wanted to drink water. I opened my eyes, turned on the lamp and saw the clock. I am so surprised to know that the time was still at 1am.

Why was I so surprise? Because I felt have been sleeping for along  long time. So I didn't believe the clock still sticking in that number one. I felt very satisfy with that long sleep and at that moment too, I felt very happy. I never got this feeling for such along time and I had it at that night.

[The benefit of sleeping early]

From that experience, here I want to share the benefits of sleeping early.

(1). Get more sleep

Sleeping early make us have a longer sleeping time periode. For example you sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5am, here you have 8 hours periode. It is enough for the body to regain its stamina and fitness.

(2). A better feeling at the morning

When I wake up in the morning, I have a better feeling of my body. The body feel much more lighter than before. My head is good and no such of heavy feeling anymore.

I am very ready to face the work in the whole day and the feeling that exist in my heart is just happy and happy. Maybe this is caused by enough sleeping time.

[Keep doing that]

The day after I keep maintaining this time periode of sleeping. I try not to sleep more than 10pm and if I can I will sleep at 9pm again and again.

Why do I do this?

Because I have known the benefit of sleeping early and often my eyes have opened at 5 in the morning by their own will. There is no pain and there are only happy feeling and good body stamina.

Sleeping late never exist in my mind again, except it is really needed. As far as I can, I will sleep early to make my mind and body healthier and healthier.

Watching television never be priority at night again, but sleeping early. Once again this is  because I don't want to feel bad at the time I open my eyes in the morning. I want my body to open its eyes by its own will, not because they are forced.

In my opinion when the eyes are opened by their own will, that mean they have enough rest.
So, I hope this article can be very helpful for you and all of this is my personal experience. I just want to share.. But don't sleep to much too, because it is bad for us. Sleep enough is better.

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