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Minimizing Stress With a Productive Way

We are facing stress everyday by so many causes. You get stress because of work, school, the people surrounding and others. If we are not able to manage this stress well, it can affect our mood and at the end it will ruin everything we do.

[Avoid it]

So we must be able to avoid this bad feeling when stress come to make a visit. If can, we can use a good and productive way. So instead of giving trouble, it will give us a good benefit.

[This is the productive way]

This is my personal experience when facing with this horrible situation. I choose to write to minimize the effect of stress.

Why writing? Because by focusing all of my attention to create a good article, I don't even have a chance to think of my stress.

This bad feeling is distacted by writing activity. And the topic that I choose to write has no connection with stress at all. I choose a very different topic and usually "a tips" topic, so the people who read my article get benefit from it.

[How writing can benefit me?]

After one article has finished, I published it here in my blog. When the number of articles and the readers increase constantly, I start to stick some ads and get money from it.

That is what I call productive. I can eliminate the effect of stress and at the same time I can earn money by writing. It is double impact I think.

So if you have hoby in writing, why don't you try to write articles in a blog? It will need no cost to build a blog, because it can be purchased freely. You can sign up in blogger to get your free blog.
And if you want to know more of how to gain money from blog, you can search it in the internet. There are a lot of tips and tricks that you can try.

[Other productive way]

There are also some other ways that have a good benefit too when you want to eliminate stress. For example doing light sport and reading.


After we do that activities, maybe we can think fresher and get a good solution to the problem that we are dealing with. We can implement it to tackle our problem and get free from its chain.

Ok, I hope this article can help you to minimize the effect of stress that come to make a visit.

Have a good day

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