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How to Find a Perfect Subtitles for your Movie

Movie subtitle
Movie subtitle
Have you ever find that your movie subtitle did not match with the words that is spoken by the actor? If so, here I will give you a tips to find a perfect subtitle for your movie. This tips is very easy and you will complete it at once.

My favorite site to look for a subtitle is "subscene.com". Here I can find a lot of subtitles just for one movie and available in various languages. Here is the look of "subscene. com" website.

Just find the subtitle of the movie that you want by typing its title in the red bracketed search box, hit "enter" button and you'll be served with a lot of choices. 

#Now for the tips

You may get confuse to decide which subtitles are the right one. Now here is the tips that will help you to find it.

find subtitle
For example you want to find the subtitle of "Taken 2". Type "Taken 2" in the search box and hit "enter" button. Click that "Taken 2" in the red circles like picture above and you will see the picture below.

fixing the title of subtitle
Taken 2 movie that you have, usually has a longer title, such as : 

"Taken 2.2012.UNRATED.EXTENDED.720p.BluRay.x264"

Determine the language that you want first, for example "English". Find the subtitle that has a title closely like the movie title above. When you find the same or close title, you can download it and attach it to your movie.

In my own experience, this step will give a better subtitle for the movie. Nah, hope you enjoy your movie and happy watching..


To find a perfect subtitle, search a subtitle that has the same long title like the movie has. And it will give you a better result..

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