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Great Ways to Spend Weekend

Weekend is the moment that is always waited by so many people. Why not? Because in weekend we are free from our daily activities, like in the office, school, etc. So it's time to refresh our self and getting together with our beloved family.

Some interesting ways to spend weekend will be shared here.

1. Visiting nature

nature view
Bedugul botanical garden
Nature is a good place to spend weekend. Here you can feel cool and clear air. Situation is so calm that will make your heart so peaceful. Nature like this can be found such as in the botanical garden. The picture above is botanical garden in Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia.

2. Cleaning house
This activity is a good alternative to spend weekend. Clean everything such as room, floor, house equipment. Besides making the house clean, we are also exercising our body. Because we are keep moving to clean the house, right? Two good benefit will we have.

3. Sport

Doing sport will make our body health and this is a good way to spend weekend. You can do sport at home or go to the public places like the one above. Running or walking can be done here. A health body will help us to do our daily activities well.

Those are some great ways to spend our weekend.

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