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Why do People Love Playing Game?

Many kind of games can be found easily today. We can see the games in computers, smartphones and in gadgets. As the development of smartphones and tablets is intense, many developers offer their game for free. Those game can be downloaded directly from our own gadget.

It is very easy, right? We just need an internet connection to download the game that we like. And, why do we love playing games? Some of the reasons why we love games are described below.

1. A friend for our spare time
When we have a spare time and don't know what to do, game can be a very good friend. We can have fun with it and won't feel bored anymore.

2.  Tackling a challenge
When we couldn't tackle a challenge in a game, we want to play this again and again until that challenge is tackled. We can use a new strategy to get a good result and this make us to be creative in overcoming the problem that we are facing.

3. Make us happy
One of the reason why people playing game is they want to make themselves happy. Happy can make our mind fresh and calm.

Playing game is really funny and don't play it to much. We must remember our main activities so it can be done quickly. Especially for students, don't let game control yourself. Manage the time so it won't disturb your study. Make study as your main goal always.

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