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How to Prepare Your Presentation

Nowadays, the use of presentation is increasing rapidly. From the students at school till employees. Students can use presentation to show the result of their research and employees can use it to show a plan to burst the business, plan to develop new product, etc.

Before arrange an presentation, some steps you must know about it. Here I will share some steps to make your presentation better. Check these out.

1. Use a good and appropriate template
A good template will make the audience enjoy your presentation. Just show the data that is correlated to the presentation. Use a correct image and don't fill your slide with to many picture that can disturb the content.

You can find a good example of template in the internet and use it as inspiration. Mind your font size and manage your slide to make it good. Use short keyword and don't type long paragraph. Long paragraph may make the audience don't feel comfortable.

When the presentation is going on, don't look the slide too often. You suppose to see and interact with the audience. That's way you must use a short keyword so they will listen to your explanation rather than read that long paragraph.

2. Make it in correct order
First slide to the next slide must be correlated, from A to Z. Don't make the first slide telling about A, the second slide tell about D, the third tell about B. This is not a good order. A good order will make our listener follow our explanation well.

3. Practice by yourselt
Before tell the presentation in front of audience, practice your self. Practice make perfect right? This will help you to perform well. Do this over and over until you can speak fluent and clear, also mastering it.

4. Prepare backup
Don't forget to prepare backup for your presentation. You can backup it in other drives in your computer or in the flashdisk. Backup will be useful in case something wrong happen. Like broken file, etc.

Those are some tips in preparing your presentation. Hope it will be useful for you..

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