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Hard to Find A Solution for A Problem? Try This

Every day we're facing some problems related to our activities. Whether you are at office, home and anywhere, problem can appear suddenly without notice. The first think that we must do when a problem comes is stay calm. Don't panic, because it will worsen the situation. After that we can think a better way to solve it.

In this article, I would like to share my experience in correlation to my activity as a math teacher. Once I found a question that seem really easy, but when I tried to find the answer I didn't have a good idea for it. Stuck.

At that kind of situation, I tried to focus more and more and hope a good idea will appear. After trying some ways nothing happen, at the other hand I got more confused and it felt like my mind was overload. I couldn't think anymore. But I don't want to quit easily, because I believed that I could solve it.

If you ever find yourself like I have, try to practice this one.

Don't force yourself further when it feel stuck. Otherwise take a break and do some activities that is not related to your work. Like talking to your friend, see a beautiful view in your surrounding, read something funny, call a friend, etc. Remember that the activities you do is not related to your problem.

This like refreshing your mind with something different. And when I don't think about the problem, suddenly a good idea come from nowhere. I don't know where it comes from and soon applying this idea to find the answer. It works..

May be this sound ridiculous, but this help me a lot and often. Not just in the problems relate to work, but other problems in my daily lives. When I found myself got lost with a problem, I did something different and absolutely didn't related to work. Magic happens and I found a good way to clear it.

Another important think that "you must believe that you can solve it" and a solution will come to you. If you don't, solution never come.

Hope this will be helpful for you and thank you for visiting my blog.

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