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Making Playlist in Samsung Young

Songs in samsung young can be grouped by making playlist first. If we want to group songs that has a beat tone, we can make playlist with the name “Beat”, for example.
So, lets get start making playlist.
Follow this step :
1. Download winamp in android market, there is a free download.
2. Install winamp.
3. After installing, open winamp and it will look like this picture.

4. Choose playlist, and press option botton in lower part of body of the phone. It is in left side. There are three bottons in bottom of the phone. On the left is option, center is home and on the right is back botton. After you press option botton, you will see 4 option. Choose create playlist ( red circle)

5. After that will appear option to create playlist. Make name of your playlist by typing it. For example I name it “Beat”.

6. Go back to your song list on the phone. Pick up one song, press it a little bit longer and there will be option that pop-up on the screen.

7. Choose “add playlist”

8. Then, choose “Beat” to make that song that you just choose become a member in your “Beat” playlist.

That’s all....
Good luck............

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