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Uniqueness of Mangosteen

This fruit can be easily found in my village.

A lot of mangosteen’s tree spread around the village and today is the season. So, you will find this fruit over flooding the table of seller in the market or in the side of the street.

Its taste is unique. The mix between sweet and sour make a delicious combination. Its color is black and maroon. I think all of you have tasted this fruit once. Price per kilogram is cheap. Per kilogram is Rp. 5.000,-. Don’t worry with the price…
But sometimes the prize climb up into three or four times higher than normal.

Beside of its taste, this fruit also reveal other uniqueness. Yes, it is located in the bottom part of it. You can see the black mark, its shape is round.

The round shape contains five till six smaller shapes, like footprint of the cat.

This represents how many seeds ( Seed that contains flesh of the fruit. Lets we call this seed) in the inner side of this fruit.

By counting the number of small shape (can be seen in the picture with a yellow circle) on the bottom of mangosteen, you will know the number of its seed. If you find the number of the small shape is six, and then if you open the fruit, you will find the same number of seeds.

Cool right!!

I think there is no another fruit that can tell its seed inside of its skin. Can you give me an example? So, what do you think about this fruit

We must be proud that our country, Indonesia, that is rich with fruits and all of its uniqueness. Hope we could preserve this thing until our very next generation.

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