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Crossing Tukad Bangkung Bridge

I have heard about this bridge a lot from my uncle. It is look interesting to see this bridge. It’s said that this bridge is very high and long, especially in Bali. In Bali there is no long and high bridge. I have been planning to see this bridge, but always canceled.
            When I went to my village in Buleleng regency, and passed Penulisan, my wife asked me to go to the bridge. Ok, it was time to go. I was afraid I could not go again because of my activities. Let’s go….
            From Penulisan to reach this bridge approximately 20 km. All the way to the bridge, we would see a beautiful panorama that soften our eyes. The yellow rice in the rice field was waving their leaves to us and showed their elegance. The seeds were full and hanged in their stalks.
            In the right and left side, grew a lot of high grass. The farmer would be very happy with these green grasses. Cutting these grasses would make our passion increase, because we would get a lot of grasses in a few times (personal experiences, hahahahaha…………)
            Just before reaching the bridge, my heart and mind had been satisfied by the beautiful and attracting nature. And then I couldn’t wait to see the bridge. From far away up there, I looked down and saw the bridge spanned and linked two lands that was separated by small river. Wow…. It was very amazing.  
            Arrived at the bridge, I parked my motorcycle and took picture for collection. When I looked down from the fence of the bridge, my heart rustled because seeing this kind of panorama. It was very high, I couldn’t imagine how high this bridge was, astonishing and terrifying view. Surrounding area was green. A lot of big tree and a small river flowed peacefully at the bottom. The nature was naturally preserve by the local community. Air was fresh and number of vehicle crossing the bridge was few. It was suitable for refreshing our mind.
            Length of the bridge is about 300 m (my guest). The making process of this bridge need accurate and smart calculation to get a strong and good endurance for the structure. The columns from the bottom of the bridge are  very high and big. This for sure is because the bridge itself is long and high. Along the bridge there are fences that is made to make the visitor feel safe when they want to see the view under the bridge.
            As a tourism object, it is not good if there is no hawkers walking around in this place. They sell steam corn, noodles and many kinds of snacks. So, don’t be worry if you get starting to hungry, because there are also some food court that sell various kind of food. Just relax, don’t need to bring many food because there so many choices of food. The most important thing is don’t forget to make your purse contain a lot of money in it, hahahahaha……              
            So, if you haven’t visited this place, try to visit and enjoy this place as a new list in your tourism object. And enjoy the green view along the way to this place from Penulisan, Kintamani. Have a nice trip.

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